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Powerful Questions Podcast: What does success mean to you?

The reason I want you to ask yourself this question is that we all get programmed with certain ideas about what success is. We often go a certain path in out lives because this is what expected of us. The bookstores, Instagram, youtube are full with other people’s advice on how to be successful. A lot of that is great advice, but sometimes it is based on other people’s ideas about what success looks like.

Start by thinking: what would success feel like to you. What would a day in your life look like if you felt you were successful? What would you do? Who would be with you in your life and how d you want to be with them? Is it professional success that you are looking for? Is there a specific job title you would like to have? Or do you want to be known in your field as a great professional? Would you like to have your own business?

At this stage, don’t think about why it is not possible. And don’t think about how. Just try to imagine, what your successful life looks like.

Now after you have a clear picture in your head, think about the next question:

Does the picture you have created match what you do in your life? Are you taking the steps that will lead you to that ideal picture or are you doing something else entirely?

Often there is a mismatch between the two. And the reason is very often fear. Fear of not achieving what we want to achieve. Fear of making mistakes on the way and being judged by other people. Fear of disappointing our parents. Fear of loosing the safety we have created for ourselves. Fear of choosing just one path and loosing all other opportunities we could take instead. Fear that we have missed the right time to start doing something.

But what you should not be afraid of, is to ask yourself this one question. What does success mean to you?

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