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Powerful Questions Podcast: What are your beliefs about money?

I truly believe that what we think about money impacts our income directly. And, there are so many thoughts and beliefs we adopt about money. They come from everywhere – society, our family, examples of how other people deal with money.

In this episode, I will help you recognize the beliefs you have about money that might be limiting you in achieving prosperity. And after that, I will share with you a tool top help you challenge any beliefs that are unhelpful to you. On a first glance, you might think that some of the beliefs you have are only positive. But if you start unwrapping them, if you ask yourself: “What has been the impact of these beliefs on my life”? you might discover something surprising.

And, as promised - here is the tool I talked about in the podcast. You can download it and use it to challenge your beliefs:

Challenging your beliefs
Download PDF • 106KB

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